Hazira, Gujarat India

L&T’s Hazira campus is a multi-facility campus that covers a Modular Fabrication Facility (MFF), as well as Heavy Engineering, Defence & Shipbuilding, and Power equipment manufacturing facilities. This modern, coastal complex is situated on a vast plot near Surat in Gujarat. The factory buildings cover over 34,500 sq. m. and the complex has a load-out quay on the banks of the river Tapi close to the Arabian Sea.

Kết quả xổ số chiều nayHazira campus is equipped to manufacture extra-large and very heavy equipment for power projects, chemical, refinery, petrochemical & fertilizer industries, which can be shipped out via waterways.

The Modular Fabrication Facility (MFF) at Hazira, one of the largest of its kind in South Asia, is capable of manufacturing several large modules simultaneously with an annual fabrication capacity of 50,000 MT.

In addition, L&T’s Hazira complex has one of the world’s largest Forging facilities, large scale Material handling capabilities, a roll-on-roll-off slipway, and a Shipbuilding facility for high-tech vessels. The latest addition is the Armoured System Complex that is currently executing an order for K9 Vajra-T Tracked Self Propelled Howitzers for the Indian Armed Forces. 

The Armoured Systems Complex - From armoured plates & forgings to armoured systems, under a single roof.
Spread over 40 acres at Hazira, this highly-automated facility, equipped with advanced robotic systems for a very high level of automation has the capability to produce armoured systems such as India’s Futuristic Infantry Combat Vehicles and Battle Tanks on a ‘plate-to-platform’ basis. A full-fledged mobility test track, specially designed for rigorous testing, acceptance and qualification of armoured vehicles, ensures that every vehicle delivered meets the most stringent quality standards and is battle worthy across terrains.

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