Faridabad, Haryana India

Faridabad, Haryana


The Faridabad campus houses two engineering centers, an Engineering Design and Research Centre (EDRC) for construction-related businesses and an Engineering Centre for offshore and onshore pipelines.

Kết quả xổ số chiều nayEDRC offers a complete range of design solutions including consultancy services for hydropower, irrigation, tunnel projects, elevated corridors for metro projects, special bridges, marine structures, cooling water systems for nuclear power plants and other special infrastructure projects.

L&T-GULF Engineering Services, a joint venture of L&T and Gulf Interstate of USA, offers engineering and consultancy services for onshore cross-country hydrocarbon pipeline projects. The engineering center is ISO: 2008 certified and equipped for feasibility studies, basic engineering, front end engineering & design, detailed engineering, project management services, procurement assistance, and related services.


Revision of building plans of additional proposed construction in L&T’s Faridabad premises.
Objections, if any, against building plans from allottees, may be sent to Sunil.George@larsentoubro.com